Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quickie Layouts with Swap Items

I had some awesome scrapportunities last weekend!  Went to a friend's house (and even took my 3 kids!) to scrapbook, and I got 11 pages done!  Well, some were part of a two page spread, but who's counting, really?!  I'm a member of an awesome swapping site, "It's a Scrapbooking Swap Thing,"(IASST) and I took a lot of pictures and completed swaps with me, and it all fell together as perfect as it can get (I mentioned that I took all 3 of my kids, right?)  We all got to play and had a great time, thanks to all the fine ladies in IASST; if you're interesting in checking them out, you can find them here.


These pages were done with a "Naked Swap."  The pieces didn't have to be embellished.  We left it up to the scrapper to fancy up. (Hey, have you heard this line:  Scrapbookers don't lie--they embellish!)

So, here's a close-up of the tag. I put the ribbon, flower and brad, and the yummy stickers.

Two cooking themed kits that the pieces were embellished.  Wow!  They went fast on the scrapbooking.  All  I had to do was add pictures and journaling.

Now, some Halloween pages.  I love the way this photo mat was embellished!  That's another good thing about swapping--you get ideas that you might not have thought about.

More Halloween fun!  Kindergarten class party, and both my big kids placed in the school's carnival costume contest!

Now, on to the trick-or-treating!  Gotta get CANDY!!!

Well, that seems like a lot for one post, so I'll close for now and finish up later!  Also, some of these are the two-page spreads I mentioned, but I was having trouble putting the pictures side by side.  I'm not too tech-savvy, lol!

Anyway, I hope you all check out that swap site, IASST, if you're looking for another way to feed your scrapbooking addiction, LOL!


  1. I like these layouts. You did a great job! I belong to IASST and I have to agree with Kim! It's a great, fun site and the items folks make are awesome! Thanks for sharing your layouts Kim!

    -- Tracy

  2. Cute Layouts! I belong to IASST too and love getting back page kits with pieces from other scrappers. I have learned so much from this group and they are super friendly! I have joined other scrap groups in the past but they are my favorite by far!