Saturday, February 18, 2012

My very first post!

Okay, here goes!  This is my first post, so please, bear with me!

There's not many scrapportunities going on around here today.  But I did finish some mini cards and embellishment baggies that I signed up for on a scrapbooking swap forum, called "It's a Scrapbooking Swap Thing." It's a place a friend got me involved in where I got "addicted" to their craftiness!  When I work on swaps for this group, I feel like I have my little scrapportunities! LOL

But since the baby is demanding attention, I'll share a page with you that I entered in a challenge on IASST. It's the cover page in my 2010 Year in Review Scrapbook.  And yes, I'm that far behind!

I cropped the original picture of the scrapbook page, because I took it with the page on my table with all my stuff around it.  If you look closely at the bottom, you can see my paper trimmer, lol.  Maybe I'll get better at taking pictures of my work for sharing, if anything more aware when I do!

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  1. Great start to a very nice Blog! You are on your way!! And thanks for pinning me up in your blog list :)!