Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tu-Tu Party Gift Bags

I told you I was going to be busy sewing on Thursday.  My step-daughter talked me into decorating little canvas treat bags for her daughter's 10th birthday party.  I'm always ready for a little craftiness, even if it's not scrapbooking. So I had fun and was glad to help Lexy celebrate in any way I could!  Here's the finished project!

(Whisper: don't look thru the sewing machine at my messy craft table. I left everything out so maybe I can find a scrapportunity later today!)

This was the first of twenty! My step-daughter got the original idea from Pinterest.  They were really cute and more elaborate, but ours were just for the treat bag, so we kept them simple. After I did the first one, I made a little assembly line.  Want to see how I did it?  Here goes . . .

Starting with a roll of 6-inch tulle, I measured to width of the purses and decided that to get a gathered, ruffled up look, I would cut the tulle in 60 inch lengths.

Then I folded the tulle down lengthwise about a third of the width.  Then put in a basting seam that was about 5/8".

Next, gather it along one thread, and pin it to the purse.  Then sew it along the edge, and ta-da . . . it's a cute party treat bag.  She put candy and lipgloss inside to go with the "girly" theme.

Birthday girl loved the treat bags and actually her whole party was a success (as far as a 10 yr-old birthday party goes, anyway!)  Now maybe I can really find that "Scrapportunity" I was talking about earlier! Happy crafting!

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