Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More layouts

Here are a few layouts I put together using some swaps that I did with ladies from It's a Scrapbooking Swap Thing (IASST).  I was terribly behind on scrapbooking photos of my youngest, so I was really playing catch-up on her newborn weeks!  Using swaps made my pages get completed so fast!  If you're interesting in checking out this swap forum or joining, the link is here.

Proud papa, helping to spoil baby #3!  She slept best when someone was holding her, and isn't that the best time to hold a precious one?

Kellie was so proud to get a baby sister!  She loved holding her and taking pictures for me!  

Kendall has been a great big brother!  It was hard at first to go from being the youngest to having a baby in the house, but all-in-all, he loves his baby sister!

Took this photo of all three of my sweeties!  Doesn't the title say it all?

There's that rowdy boy being still and quiet, watching his baby sister play.  And if you look close, you can tell that she likes watching him!

Bath time!  I thought I had plenty of experience in bathing newborns--I had two before this one!  But Katie didn't like getting cold and wet!  It was a little while before we got a system down where she enjoyed her bath time!

Here's one for the "funny pages"!!  I was going to put Katie to bed, and stopped in her big sister's room.  I looked at the doll bed, looked at Kellie, and said, "Think she'll fit?"  We just left her there long enough for pictures, lol!

I even had to document what socks I put on this baby!! Her scrapbook is filling up fast!!

Putting myself in the scrapbook.  Thanks to Kellie for her photography skills!

My BFF with Katie.  She had never been a "pink" kind of gal, but with this one, she softened up and actually gave us a pink outfit in our shower gift, lol!  But when she was wearing this bright pink shirt when I got the picture of her holding the baby, I had to pick this pink and green page kit for her page!

Well, hope you liked looking at all these pages, I'll try to get a few more posted soon!

And remember, if you think you'd like to join some scrapbooking swaps, look here:

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